WOW writing

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Dear Parents,


Just look at this amazing writing from two of our Year 6 pupils:


As I sat at the kitchen table ready to eat my dinner, I looked around and saw the kitchen sink, which was filled with dirty dishes waiting to be washed. The window was wide open letting in a nice, warm breeze. The clean, shiny table (ready for dinner) was covered with a clean linen tablecloth. Below my feet,- was a mopped, tiled floor. The kettle, which was boiling away violently, was steaming up the kitchen wall. From the hob, there were some lovely aromas filling the room. On the kitchen surface was: a toaster, a kettle, a pot with wooden spoons and a few cooking utensils, which had been left out. On the floor, was a stainless steel, silver pedal bin waiting to be emptied. The fridge, which was jam – packed with food, was humming to keep cool. My tummy was rumbling; my dinner had arrived!     by Hannah


Looking around in disgust, I saw, all around me, pots and pans lying in cluttered heaps,the kitchen sink overflowing with what seemed like tons of cutlery; I looked at my steaming, delightful dinner, which was almost yearning for me to eat it. With a sinking feeling in my stomach, I got up, knowing that my dinner would have to wait.  I Looked around in sheer dismay; where would I start? The clustered, stained table, which was strewn with remnants of past meals, was next to the work surface that had ingredients spilled across it from a recent, but disastrous cooking session with my sister, Abi. Standing mountainous next to the scene of horror, was an elegant, immaculate cake, which had been made by her for my mum.  Despite the mess, the floor, which was sparkling, was entirely clean due to a rigorous cleaning session from my dad, whose attempt to at least make the room respectable had failed.        by Matthew.



Julie Holland