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Dear Parents,


I am sure that you have just listened to the Prime Minister’s decision to close schools to all but children of key workers and vulnerables.

Although we were ready to open the whole school tomorrow, we had also thought ahead to this eventuality and have a draft contingency plan in place. Scenario 3 of remote learning will be in place from tomorrow on Tapestry/Dojo/ Google classroom for all children.

We also have a list of children who fall under the key worker/ vulnerable category and will be contacting these parents tomorrow to confirm whether they will require a place and which days they would prefer, with classes starting on Wednesday. Once we know the number of children and on which days, we will then look at year group staffing. For this lockdown, the children will not form a separate bubble but stay in their own year groups. This will enable a smooth transition to the whole school returning.

This lockdown has been announced by the Prime Minister because the situation is serious. We need to think of the bigger picture, so should you be offered a key worker place, please only take it up if you really need it to help minimise any risk of transmission. The message is clear: stay at home if you can to stop the spread and save lives. There will be no breakfast or after school clubs during this lockdown and staggered starts and ends to the day will remain the same.

In addition to providing remote learning for all pupils, our staff will all be in school on a rota basis, to support this group of children, but I want to limit their days in school as much as possible for their safety. Those staff who are clinically extremely vulnerable will not be required to come in. Throughout the coming weeks, staff will be following the same risk assessment we have in place for the whole school opening.

Please get in touch if you have any issues with accessing online learning. We are of course concerned about children missing more school and will help you in any way we can.

Let us all hope that this is the last lockdown and that the vaccine will soon start to make a positive difference very soon.

Take great care – we will get through this.

Best wishes,

Julie Holland