Sunflower Class – Reading at Home

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Supporting your little Sunflower’s developing reading skills at home…


Sunflower reading folders with their book & diary.

On Friday 9th November your child brought home with them their new reading folder with a book & diary enclosed.

Whilst we will endeavour to read with all our Sunflowers twice a week (first towards the beginning of the week – Mon/Tues, & again towards the end – Thurs/Fri) it is also essential that they are supported to practise their deveoping reading skills at home so that are able to become successful readers! 🙂

Please work in partnership with us by encouraging your child to share stories regularly at home with you, ensuring they bring their folder (with both book & diary enclosed) back & forth from home to school so that we can record their reading journey together & communicate effectively.

We will change the children’s books when we read with them at school, unless we believe they would benefit from more time to practise reading it. However, we do not have a huge supply of books so if a child does not return their previous one then we will not be able to send a new one home.

It would be fab if you could continue to support your child with practising the RWI Set 1 Speed Sounds we have learnt so far in class, of which there is a copy stuck in their reading diary. If you require some guidance there is a parent/carer zone on the RWI website:

It would also be beneficial to your child’s reading progress to support them in developing recognition of the RWI red words, which again we have sent home in their reading diary.

Should you have any questions about supporting your child’s reading at home then please don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂