Philosophy for Children – P4C

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Creativity Week

This week we were thinking about creativity. What does it mean to you? How can we show creativity? Is everyone creative?

Each class carried out a P4C enquiry.

Early Years and Key Stage One looked at ‘The Dot’ by Peter H. Reynolds.  This book explores how a little girl, Vashti doesn’t think she is good at art.  Vashti simply marks her paper with a dot. She doesn’t think of this ‘painting’ as art until her teacher asks her to sign it, and then proceeds to hang it up. The question arises: Is Vashti’s dot painting art?

The classes all came up with their own questions:


The older children watched a video about creativity made by Kingston University.

Each class thought about these questions:

Is creativity an art or a science?

Is creativity a way of thinking or a way of being?

Is creativity a quality or a habit?

Year 6 created this question to discuss:


Kindness Week

During Kindness week, we are introducing a whole school stimulus for P4C.  This means that children from EYFS all the way to Year 6 are shown the same video to discuss.  This is a fantastic opportunity to look at how our children’s philosophical thinking progresses throughout the school.

The children have then been given four opinions about the video:

Corner 1. The bird should not have stolen the worms from the dog’s boat
Corner 2. The bird was allowed to steal because she was feeding her starving children
Corner 3. The fisherman should have shared the worms with the bird.
Corner 4. It is ok that the bird stole from the dog because she brought him some fish

The children were asked to stand next to the opinion that they agreed with the most.

Have a look at the video with your child/ren….what opinion do you agree with the most, and why?