Parent Mail Friday 29th January

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Dear Parents,

I know that this week has been particularly hard for many. This time in January can feel a little bleak, even without the addition of Covid, and we don’t have our usual events and gatherings to cheer ourselves. The news that lockdown is being extended also hasn’t helped. However, the vaccine is being rolled out, spring is round the corner and things will get better. We will all be together again.

What has cheered me this week is, of course, the children. They have been working so hard and never fail to make me smile when I see them face to face or virtually. And the generosity and kindness of our parents: thank you to everyone who has donated food, games, books and laptops to those in need.

The assemblies are the high spots of my week. The children are experts at muting and unmuting at the right time so that everyone can hear and take part. We have discovered that google meet is limited to 100 devices logging on and so some of you have not been able to get in which I am so sorry about. We are trying to get the limit extended and will let you know when we have news.

Thank you too for your continued support for our school and your understanding about the importance of keeping to our risk assessment. I did not go into Headship to tell children that they can’t come to school and every time I am not able to say yes to a request is heart breaking. I don’t want to say no. But I must. We must all play our part in reducing the spread and the only way to do that is by restricting our numbers and contacts.

To that end, lateral testing is being rolled out to staff this weekend and I have attached a letter to explain how it is going to work.

No-one underestimates the challenges and strains of being a working parent and having to home school and we will do all we can to help. Remote learning is also a skill we continue to develop as staff. I hope the children have enjoyed and benefited from the live sessions and daily videos. I am in awe of staff who do this at the same time as teaching in school. They are dedicated in doing everything they can to support the children in this new way of working.

Continued thanks for all you are doing and for your kindness and understanding.

Please take extremely good care of yourselves and have a lovely weekend.

Very best wishes,

Julie Holland