Name Position Name of organisation Nature of interest Date interest was registered Date interest ceased Governance roles in other Educational Institutions/ Any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives). Date of


Robert Fletcher Co-opted (Chair) Retired None 01/10/20
Shilpa Bhatt Co-opted

(Vice Chair)

Oxford Uni Hospitals Trust None 01/10/20
Julie Holland Head Teacher OCC None 30/10/20
Aisling Hill Staff OCC None 09/09/20
Billy Garnett Co-opted Oxford University None *Ongoing Wife is a TA at the School* 01/10/20
John Batey Co-opted Retired None 02/10/20
Mariam Ahmed Co-opted M&A Social Enterprise Not for Profit


Asian Cultural Centre

Co- Founder



Co-opted Trustee

August 2016



Jan 2019

Emily Flashman Parent Oxford University None *01/05/2020 Fellow and Governor of Reuben College, Oxford* 01/10/20
Sana Dogar Parent Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies None 14/09/20
Hilary Greaves Co-opted Oxford University None 14/09/20
Barry Crossman Parent  


Vacancy LA