Welcome to the St Nicholas’ Primary School Eco Council

Every September each class elects a new Eco Council representative. The class use their value of democracy to fairly elect a leader. The responsibility of the Eco Council representative is to:

  • Ensure the whole school is aware of the Eco Schools Programme.
  • To carry out an environmental review of the school.
  • To ensure that everyone in the school community is represented in the decision making process (We encourage participation from both the base and young carers).
  • Provide a link between pupils, teachers, senior leaders, governors and the local community.

After completing the environmental review the children then, with support, create and eco schools action plan. We are in the process of doing this and once completed we will have the results available.  The Eco team meet at least once every term. To find out more please visit the Eco Council board in the 3/4 corridor.

Anna Nash, Eco-council lead.


Tree Planting in the Local Community

Monday 15th October 2018

The Eco Council have already completed their first project, planting fruit trees and bulbs by the underpass. This initiative was actioned by Marston Community Garden who provided the trees and bulbs that allowed us to complete this project. They also gave up their valuable time to support the children.