Latest Parent Mail 12.12.22

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you are keeping well and warm. We have lots of illness in school at the moment and so are making sure that we are keeping to the same hygiene standards we had during covid in order to do all we can to stop the spread of bugs.

I wanted to raise a few safeguarding concerns with you.

We have received complaints from members of the public to say that some of our older children are playing football outside of the school as early as 8:20 am and that it is causing obstruction to pedestrians and cyclists. There was also concern about the behaviour of some of these children.  I  also personally worry about accidents  Could I politely request that the older children time their journey to school to arrive at 8:45 am so that they come straight onto the school premises.

I recently emailed about the end of the day and holding on to your child once you have picked them up. I have spoken to the children about the ‘invisible line’ at the gate where Garry and I stand and am really impressed with how well they have listened.

I am also concerned however about the children coming into the school in the morning without parents. Unless they are an older child who has permission to walk to and from school without parents, all children must be accompanied by an adult onto the playground and handed over to staff. Last week we had children at the outside of the gate whose parents had left them. I hope you appreciate my concern about this. I emailed previously to explain why we can’t open the gate earlier than 8:45 am. Please do not leave your child in the morning until you have handed them over in the playground to their teacher or allow them to run into school without you. 

I have also reattached our parent code of conduct to this mail which I hope you find useful. Staff have a similar code and both are centred around the values of our school. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Finally, I have attached a letter from the UK Health Security Agency about the rising number of cases of scarlet fever nationally with advice for you should you be concerned.

Julie Holland