Latest Parent Mail 05.01.2021

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Dear Parents/Carers,

Apologies if you received multiple copies of my parent mail last night. The server was overwhelmed with all the Head teachers using it!

Like you, lockdown is the last thing we wanted. We were ready to open to all children today and are so saddened that this cannot happen.

However, the fact the government has made this decision, which they clearly didn’t want to make initially, and the fact that this is up until half term shows how worried they now are and so the message of Stay Home to Stay Safe and Stop the Spread is one that we must all take very seriously.

Therefore, we must be really strict on the numbers of children we have in school. Arguably, anyone who is in paid employment is a key worker as everyone’s role supports the workings of the country. But if we were to have all key worker children in school, numbers would be high and this would be defeating the object of lockdown and risking the spread. Therefore, in the first instance, we have to limit our key worker children to those of parents where both parents work in hospitals and /or schools. Likewise, the only children that should have a place every day are children under a Child Protection Care Plan as directed by social services.  If there are more places available after these are filled, we will of course be in touch. There should be the possibility to build from here but we need to check numbers after today.

This really is a case of short term pain for long term gain. Many of our staff are parents with young children and so we completely understand the difficulties but we hope you understand our reasoning behind the children we can have in. We will be in touch today.

Enjoy remote learning – teachers are hard at work with the videos –  and please be in touch with your class teacher if you have any questions about this.

Stay safe.

Julie Holland