Welcome to the Communication and Interaction Resource Base

Our aim within the base is to facilitate access to the mainstream curriculum for children and young people with identified C&I needs and to work towards their full and independent inclusion in all aspects of school life, including both learning and social opportunities.

For many of our pupils, they have already had a negative experience of school life and it is important within our setting that we unpick theses negative experiences and gradually develop children’s readiness to learn in order for them to engage with their long term education.

We develop the children’s communication skills using a combination of techniques including PECS and other visuals along with verbal communication. We support the children to develop tolerance and respect for others, emotional understanding and coping strategies for their own emotional regulation when things go wrong.

We spend a lot of time ensuring that the children are equipped with life skills in order to prepare them for the future. We support them emotionally to cope with being in the same room as other people and to interact 1:1 and as part of a small group

Alongside this, we work to develop all areas of the curriculum, enhanced with fortnightly horse riding, swimming and visits to Thomley, and we constantly work towards increasing the children’s mainstream integration.

There is big emphasis on life skills and these are embedded into our weekly planning. There is a real emphasis on developing the children’s independence in order to prepare them for secondary school and future life. We also ensure that they have a good understanding of dangers around them and how to keep themselves safe.

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