Welcome to Fir Class!


The Fir Class Team

Teaching in the Fir class this year is Mr Cosford, Sumaira, Louise and Ms Welp.

PPA will be covered by Sadia on a Wednesday afternoon.

If you need to speak to Mr Cosford please feel free to arrange a virtual meet via e-mail.

In these strange times please may I ask that you keep an eye on Parent Mail and Class Dojo for any updates regarding school.

Thank you in advance.


Email Mr Cosford: tom.cosford@stnicholasprimaryschool.org.uk


Our value this term is Creativity.

Year 2 Learning Web Autumn 2 2021-22

Homework Year 2 Autumn 2 2021-22

One piece of homework needs to be completed each week and this needs to be sent to Mr Cosford. As per the school’s policy on homework. 



This week our P4C question is…

What does creativity look like??



What we are up to this term. 

Term 1 hopes to be an interesting and enjoyable term for Fir Class. 

The new value for the term is Creativity. The children will have weekly P4C sessions that are linked to creativity and various other topics. The aim will be to develop their ability to ask and respond to questions in ever-growing detail.

All Information about this half term’s teaching will be contained within the Curriculum Web, which is attached to this page via the link above.

Our topic this term will be ‘My Wonderful Body’. This is will be a Science and History based topic. In History, the children will learn about Florence Nightingale. They will cover her early life, journey into nursing and her time at the Crimean War, specifically how she changed the hospitals there. 

In science, we will be focussing on ‘Our Bodies’ and how we can keep them healthy. We will learn how to brush our teeth properly, what food to eat and what exercises we can do to help keep our bodies healthy. 


During our Real PE sessions this term we will be focussing on the 2nd unit of Real PE. This will all be about the children’s agilty and their movement with objects in their hands. 


Our core story this term is Dr Dog by Babette Cole

You can listen to it here:

Reading records can be brought back in daily or weekly. The aim is to read at least 5 times a week. When we have the reading records in we will collate how much the children have read and if they read 5 times a week for 3 weeks there will be a small prize given. They are of course encouraged to read as much as possible.



PE will be on Tuesday afternoons. The children will need to come into school in their PE kit. The school PE kit consists of a white or red t-shirt (plain is fine), black or blue shorts/tackies and suitable trainers (preferably not pumps this year as they will spend the whole day in their PE kits and they will need more support on their feet. When it gets colder outside more layers will be needed to keep them warm.

Useful Information & Links

Homework is now virtual. If one piece can be done a week and sent in that would be great.

This term our value is Creativity

Our topic this term is My Wonderful Body

PE is on Tuesday afternoons and we will be looking at Real PE Unit 2, which is based on agilty.