Welcome to Pine Class!

This term our value is Acceptance


The Pine Class Team

Hello! I am Miss Dunkley and I am the class teacher in Pine Class this year. Our learning assistant is Agnes, who also teaches the class on a Tuesday afternoon.

Please do contact me on the email address below if you have any questions, or through your Class Dojo account.

Email Miss Dunkley: emma.dunkley@stnicholasprimaryschool.org.uk


Our stimulus this week was….




What do we do in Pine Class?

In Pine Class, we pack a lot into our day! We start the day off calmly with spelling and times tables practice before heading outside for our Daily Mile. We build our writing skills through learning stories off by heart through actions and story maps (learn more about the Talk 4 Writing approach here) and reinventing them. Our Guided Reading book this term is Paddington and we are focusing on the skill of retrieving information from a text. We practice a different spelling rule across each week, like the r sound spelt wr. In our maths, we use plenty of resources and visuals, and puzzle over reasoning problems each day. After lunch, we start our afternoons with some mindfulness colouring, which flows into taking care over our handwriting practice. Our daily ‘maths meetings’ help keep key maths skills fresh in children’s minds year round. We then enjoy our afternoon lesson before an assembly and home time; phew!

This Autumn, we are going back to the 400’s to explore how and why the Anglo Saxons settled in Britain, and after half term we will be learning how the Viking invaders shook things up…In Science we are investigating light and shadow through making our own shadow puppet theatres. Our computing is currently focused on children’s confidence with Google Classroom, but we will be moving onto coding once they are ready. Our P.E lessons are centred on balance and control skills through games. In R.E, we are enquiring into how celebrating Diwali gives Hindu children a sense of belonging. Our weekly P4C sessions cover all sorts of the children’s ideas, developing their philosophical thinking and listening skills.

We have a few favourite games and dances we like to do when we need a brain break in amongst all that good learning! We know that good learners go into ‘The Learning Pit’ and that we can help ourselves and each other to success. We use Zones of Regulation to help us identify how we’re feeling, and give us practical ways to get back to a calm, happy space.



Useful Information & Links

There are two things we ask the children to do at home each day. Children benefit hugely from practising their times tables and reading with an adult for at least fifteen minutes. Your child will know what times table they need to learn until they can instantly recall the answers. Please fill in their yellow reading records each day, we will be checking them each Friday in school.

P.E day is Tuesday. Please send your child into school wearing their P.E kit.

Homework is set over Google Classroom. Please contact Miss Dunkley if you cannot find your child’s Google Classroom login or have any questions. There is a grid of homework challenges for your child to choose from each Wednesday. It is due on Tuesday of each week through Google Classroom.