Beanstalk Class – Review of Summer Term 1

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Summer Term 1 – We have been showing perseverance in all areas of our learning


Using our perseverance to make sandwiches!


The children showed great care and control as they carefully spread the butter and jam and the children persevered to ensure the whole slice was covered! The children also showed their knowledge and understanding of halving as we cut our sandwich. Lots of the children showed great perseverance as they used their knife skills to cut their sandwich.

One Beanstalk shared how in the activity we had shown two of our school values – perseverance and independence.

Later on we enjoyed our handmade sandwiches in the Sensory Garden.

A quote from a Beanstalk ‘this is the best I’ve ever had!’ I think the children were pleased with the outcome!!


Beanstalk and Sunflower Sports Afternoon

The Beanstalks all showed our school value perseverance as they took part in the Reception Sports Afternoon. It was a delight to see all the children confidently trying their absolute best and supporting their fellow classmates. Thank you to all those who were able to come and cheer on the children!