Beanstalk Class – Review of Autumn Term 1

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Sequencing ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.

Autumn Term 1 – The Beanstalks have settled into school wonderfully! We’ve had a busy term full of building friendships and learning new routines.

A few highlights have been our ‘welly walks’, going on the Reading Bus and our whole school International Week.

The Beanstalks especially enjoyed learning to retell our first core story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, in which the Beanstalks used lots of actions and expression to bring the story alive!




Some of the delights in store for Autumn term 2

As communicators we will be listening, joining in and responding to stories, songs and rhymes. We will also be using talk to effectively communicate our needs, interests, thoughts and experiences.

We shall be developing our physical development through exploring different ways of moving and through using small equipment. We will also be learning the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

As readers we will be reading and retelling ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We will also be segmenting the sounds in simple words and blending them together and learning which letters represent some of them.

As writers we will be representing some sounds correctly and in sequence to communicate meaning.

As mathematicians we will be using familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models. We will be using everyday language related to time and beginning to use everyday language related to money.

To understand our world better, we will be sharing and learning about special times of the year. We will be looking closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change in our environment and we will use ICT hardware to interact with age-appropriate computer software.

As artists we will be continuing to build a repertoire of songs and dances. We will also be constructing with a purpose in mind and continuing to initiate new combinations of movement and gesture in order to express and respond to feelings, ideas and experiences.