Welcome to St Nicholas’ Primary School! Our value this term is Teamwork.


Welcome to St Nicholas’ Primary School

At St. Nick’s our motto is: Live, Love, Learn and Be Happy.  We believe that every school day is special and should be lived to the full.  We believe as much in the personal development, well-being and welfare of our children and staff as we do in learning and excellence: we want all our children to leave our school literate and numerate and we have high aspirations for them all but we also want them to be decent, caring human beings.  So we live by our values charter, which every child and member of staff signs up to at the beginning of every year, to ensure that our chosen Values are at the heart of all we do.  We also acknowledge that life will throw things at us at times that are difficult and challenging and we want to equip our children with the tools they need to deal with these.  That is why we are a Philosophy for Children (P4C) school,  We already have the silver award for P4C and are aiming for gold.

Vsitors often comment on the special feel of our school and there is indeed something very special about St. Nick’s.  We are colourful, diverse, creative and inclusive and are very proud of our many achievements.  We are particularly proud of our Communication, Interaction, Resource Base – The CIRB.  We love music, sport and art (please look at our mural in the underpass next to the school) and gardening (please see the trees we planted with the parish council next to the school).

We believe in community and want to be at the heart of ours.


Julie Holland


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